About TestTube

TestTube, a Discovery Digital Network, is more than a point of view. It is a transformative lens through which we see wonder within the ordinary, magic in the mundane, and inspiration everywhere.

TestTube is a network for all ages where it's cool to be smart, and where curiosity is the fuel. We are a digital network, born from the fabric of the internet where optimism travels, like a virus, at the speed of light. We develop, nurture, and discover the shows that have you talking at the water cooler, at the bar, and on your feed-"You have to see this..." Our hosts are experts, not actors, and our shows are authentic, challenging, and irreverent. We're inspiration junkies in an expanding universe of information, where we question anything and test everything. Contact us via: info@testtube.com

    The Team

  • Barry Pousman

    Barry Pousman

    Executive Producer

    Barry is the Executive Producer at TestTube, leading the charge in developing and growing the leading digital network for science and education. Barry also works with the U.N. as an advisor on New Media and has years of experience teaching classes on the mechanics of viral videos. He has received numerous grants and awards for his work with major clients including PBS, the U.S. Peace Corps and others. Barry is passionate about new media and the role it plays in influencing positive change in the world.

    "When kids look up to great scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilization will jump to the next level." -Brian Greene

  • Pamela Torno

    Pamela Torno

    Senior Producer, DNews

    Pam is a highly experienced television and web video writer and producer. Before joining Discovery Digital Networks, she worked for local news stations, TechTV, Revision3, and Al Gore's Emmy-award winning Current TV network. She is now at the helm of DNews, a daily show she helped conceive and launch. Pam is also a part-time vinyl DJ and a hobbyist photographer who was once selected to be on Instagram's Suggested User list.

  • Nicolette Bethea

    Nicolette Bethea

    Senior Producer

    Nicolette is the Senior Producer of TestTube, overseeing daily production and new show development. She brings with her years of experience in both web and broadcast non-fiction media. Previously working at Emmy-winning Current TV, National Geographic Television, Google, Al Jazeera America and feature documentary, The Thaitanium Project. She's passionate about telling visual stories that move people.

    "We are made of star stuff." -Carl Sagan

  • Eleanor Donovan

    Eleanor Donovan


    Eleanor (Nori) is a digital media producer with a love for research and creating insightful, educational, interactive content. She is a published author and hailed from the non-profit world before joining Revision3 and Discovery Digital Networks to help launch DNews and TestTube. She holds a BA from the University of Puget Sound and is a graduate of World Learning's School for International Training.

    Best science moment: "Having my microbiome mapped with the DNews team. Still trying to decipher what those strains mean, exactly."

  • Chastity Vicencio

    Chastity Vicencio

    Associate Producer, DNews

    Chastity is a TV news veteran and pop culture maven. She was previously seen as the weekend host/Associate Producer of Tech Feed News. In the past, she has worked for NBCUniversal's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as local NBC and ABC news stations.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein

  • Jonathan Simrin

    Jonathan Simrin

    Associate Web Producer

    As the Associate Web Producer, Jonathan (Jono) is in charge of making the TestTube website a dynamic and engaging destination. Prior to joining TestTube, Jono was a part of Discovery Digital Networks' Audience Development team, helping shows grow and develop. In the past, Jono's worked for a variety of media companies, including The A.V. Club and PopMatters. He's also a proud Latin nerd and happy to be putting his Classics degree to good use.

    "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious -the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science." -Albert Einstein

  • Jared Oban

    Jared Oban

    Audience Development Coordinator, DNews

    Jared is the Audience Development Coordinator for DNews. He is passionate about online video, marketing, and making lols on the Internet. Jared spends the majority of his spare time drinking coffee, watching comedy specials, and debating which Netflix show he should start next.

    "Do you even science, bro?" -Trace Dominguez

  • Franko Ali

    Franko Ali

    Audience Development Coordinator

    Franko studies and practices design, marketing, internets and the quantified self. He spends his time listening, learning, exploring and eating; in San Francisco and beyond.

    "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" -Socrates

  • Franko Ali

    Jenna Murrell

    Audience Development Coordinator

    Jenna works in Audience Development, managing YouTube channels while growing and developing shows and audiences. Prior to TestTube, Jenna worked for ABC and local Arizona news stations while attending Arizona State. She studied broadcast journalism because she believes everyone has a story to tell and she wants to be the one to spread it!

    "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." -Bill Nye