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  • How Science Is Keeping Antarctica Ungoverned

    Antarctica: a research utopia for international governments. Do natural resources threaten the peace on Earth's only non-governed continent?


  • What It's Like to Free Dive in Antarctica

    Watch divers recount their experience of snorkeling at the edge of the Earth.

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  • If Global Warming Is Real, Why Is Antarctic Ice Growing?

    Recent studies show Antarctica is gaining ice faster than it's losing it. Will the rise in ice help keep global warming at bay?


  • What Americans Get Wrong About Canada

    Did you know that Ottawa is the capital of Canada? Find out what we often get wrong about our northern neighbor.

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  • What Happens If All The World's Ice Melts?

    Climate change is causing the ice sheets to melt at an alarming rate. What would happen if all of the frozen ice in the ocean melted?


  • The Libertarian Who Created A New Nation

    For 70 years, Serbia and Croatia have been involved in a border dispute. Now, a Czech politician has decided to take a section of this no-mans land and form the world's newest nation.

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  • Watch A Beautiful Tour of Antarctica

    The southern-most continent is a trove of beautiful scenery and stunning wildlife

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  • Who Owns Antarctica?

    With 98% of the continent covered in miles-thick ice, and limited resources, Antarctica is easily the most naturally inhospitable place on earth. So, who exactly controls Antarctica?

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  • It's 63 Degrees In Antarctica

    That and other stories that went around the office today

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  • Can We Save Our Cities From Drowning?

    The Antarctic ice sheet is melting, and some of the damage is irreversible! Over the next 200 years, the ocean is expected to rise 10 feet, putting many major cities worldwide underwater!