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  • Is Heart Disease in Astronauts Proof we Didn't Go to the Moon?

    There's some correlation between flying in space and death by heart disease. But is it enough to say the Moon landings were fake?

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  • Do You Have The Right Personality For Long-Term Space Travel?

    ...If not, going to space might just drive you insane.


  • GPS Satelllites Are Time Traveling Right Now!

    Our understanding of relativity and time dilation has come a long way since Einstein. And it is basically the reason your GPS works at all.

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  • When The World Ends, Who Gets To Leave?

    Earth has shaped the way humans look and behave. How will future generations in space evolve under radiation and little gravity?

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  • Do Astronauts Wear Makeup in Space?

    It might seems unnecessary, but some astronauts do choose to wear makeup in space.

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  • How We Learned To Return From Space Safely

    When it comes to space travel, in most cases we want our astronauts back. What's the safest way to do make that happen?

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  • Did Neil Armstrong Almost Die In Space?

    In order to get to the moon, orbital rendezvous and docking skills needed to be developed. There were a few dangerous attempts of course.

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  • Who Were The First People To Walk In Outer Space?

    NASA wasn't going to spend billions of dollars just getting people to the moon just to look at it. They wanted to get out and explore.

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  • What Technology Did It Take To Get To The Moon?

    There are a lot of things to consider when attempting long duration space flight, but what technology was developed to make it possible?

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  • Why The Gemini Space Program Revolutionized Space Travel

    Everyone has heard of the Mercury and Apollo missions that led to landing a man on the moon, but people often forget NASA's middle child.

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