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  • What Is Donald Trump's Healthcare Plan?

    Trump has vowed to repeal Obamacare, but what would his alternative be -- and would it work?

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  • How Airplanes Changed The Global Economy

    Since the first commercial flight in 1914, the air travel industry continues to grow. So how did commercial aviation globalize the world?

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  • Why Osama Bin Laden Would've Hated ISIS

    US intelligence released Osama Bin Laden's letters, hoping to provide more insight into Bin Laden's mind. So what is in Bin Laden's letters?

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  • Watch President Obama's Historic Speech in Cuba

    Nearing the end of his visit, President Obama makes the case for reconciliation and a progressive path forward.

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  • Do Presidents Age Faster Than The Rest Of Us?

    Over the past eight years we've seen photos of a very aged President Obama, does the stress of leadership cause presidents to age faster?


  • The Obama Administration Will Publish Data on Drone Program

    Officials say it is intended to bring transparency to what has been regarded as one of the most controversial aspects of anti-terror policy

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  • How Powerful Is Iowa?

    It's not a state commonly associated with power, but come election year, all eyes are on Iowa. So why does Iowa matter during elections?

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  • How The Tea Party Is Splitting The GOP

    As the 2016 elections approach, the Republican Party is split between the establishment and the Tea Party. Why are Republicans so divided?

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  • Watch Obama's State of the Union Address Here

    Along with an overview of what you can expect the President to address in his speech

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  • Is This The Future Of Gun Safety Technology?

    Following President Obama's call for expanded gun safety measures, one company already has a fingerprint-reading lock ready to go

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