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  • Are We Really Running Out Of Drinking Water?

    With many regions around the world experiencing severe droughts, what will happen human and animal life when there's no more potable water?

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  • Is The North Korean Government To Blame For Starving Citizens?

    While Kim Jong-un defiantly continues their nuclear program, North Korean citizens are starving. So how just bad is North Korea's famine?

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  • Can Air Be A Water Source During A Drought?

    Most of the U.S. is suffering a terrible drought, but scientists believe we may be able to pull water from air to solve our problems.


  • Why Is America's Water Infrastructure Failing?

    From lead contamination to water main breaks, America's water infrastructure is crumbling. So just how bad is the country's water crisis?

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  • What Is El Niño?

    The weather pattern is set to return this year and will affect conditions around the world. So what exactly is El Niño?

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  • Will The World Ever Run Out Of Water?

    As the human population continues to explode, resources of fresh water are dwindling. What happens if the world runs out of water?


  • Is Climate Change To Blame For ISIS?

    Climate change created a massive drought in Syria and Iraq, leading to increased destabilization. Did climate change aid the rise of ISIS?

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  • Earth's Deserts Are Growing And There's Nothing We Can Do

    Thousands of years ago the Sahara looked nothing like it does today. How is climate change altering the world's deserts?


  • Where Does Our Water Come From?

    For most Americans water flows steadily out of the faucet, but do you ever wonder where all this water comes from?


  • How Ancient Man Controlled The Weather

    From ancient Mayan sacrifices to Native American rain dancing, humans have been attempting to control the weather for thousands of years.

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