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  • Could The Silent Majority Win The Election For Trump?

    Presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed that he represents the country's silent majority. But who is in this silent majority?

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  • Is The U.S. Election Rigged?

    With Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump already calling this election rigged, is voter fraud really as likely as he claims?

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  • Trump vs. Clinton: Obama's Speechwriter Analyzes Their Style

    While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are clearly two of the most polarizing candidates in history, how exactly do their speeches differ?

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  • Who Is Tim Kaine?

    Despite years of dedicated public service, Hillary Clinton's VP running mate has been described as boring and moderate. So who is Tim Kaine?

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  • Can A Third-Party Candidate Ever Become President?

    It's been over 160 years since a third-party candidate won a presidential election. So will the U.S. ever see a third-party president?

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  • Can Your Face Get You Elected?

    Studies indicate that facial features can convey many traits of a person. Might politics even be based on looks rather than qualifications?


  • How Conservative Is Hillary Clinton?

    Hillary Clinton may be the Democratic presidential frontrunner, but many say she does not represent party values. How conservative is she?

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  • What Does The Vice President Actually Do?

    Since the first U.S. elections, the role of a vice president has greatly evolved. So what exactly is the role of the vice president?

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  • A History of Protests at the National Conventions

    Hundreds are protesting outside of the RNC, but this display is tame when compared to the past. So have conventions always been violent?

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  • How Liberal Is Donald Trump?

    Trump has radical views on immigration, but many say his stance on LGBT rights and healthcare put him left of the GOP. Is Trump a liberal?

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