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  • Use Math To Fake ESP

    This classic math technique makes the perfect ESP trick

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  • Why Scientists Need To Study Paranormal Events

    For a long time we used to cling to the thought that the sun revolved around Earth and the Earth was flat. Until someone questioned it all.

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  • The 7 Strangest Phenomena Scientists Can't Figure Out

    Science can't explain everything. Things like déjà vu, placebo effect and many other phenomena still make scientists scratch their heads.

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  • Your House Isn't Haunted: Here's What The Science Says

    From electric currents to mold, there's usually a scientific explanation for those eerie feelings you get in a creepy house or attic etc.

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  • Did The U.S. And Russia Have Psychic Soldiers?

    The United States' Department of Defense has done multiple studies into "remote viewing" or "ESP" but have they found anything worth while?

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  • What Makes Something Paranormal?

    Anything that cannot be explained by science is considered "paranormal," but where do we draw the line on what is and what isn't paranormal?

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  • No, You Don't Have A 6th Sense

    Crush all your mind reading dreams, because ESP isn't real. People who claim to have ESP are in fact picking up on something, but it's not brain waves. It's their own brain putting pieces together, many times, subconsciously. Tune in and watch Laci and Anthony discuss how your super-sleuth brain can pick up on a lot of subtle nuances , maybe even one that could help you solve a murder!


  • Psychotronics: Mad Science or Financial Trolling?

    It's no secret that the US and USSR sought to outpace each other across the board during the Cold War. But why was so much money spent on the study of psychotronics and parapsychological research? Tune in to learn more about the Soviet fringe research at the height of the Cold War.

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  • Psychotronics and Soviet Mind Control

    Now that the once-secretive MKULTRA program has been declassified, people around the world know that the US participated in some shockingly unethical experiments with mind control. But what about the USSR? Tune in to learn more about the Soviet study of psychotronics.

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  • Ghosts: The Evidence

    People have always been preoccupied with what happens to us after we die, leading some to believe in the existence of ghosts. But is there any real, conclusive evidence that these supernatural beings exist? Tune in to find out.

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