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  • We Found New Planets. No, You Can't Live There

    Everyone is freaking out about the discovery of 7 new potentially-habitable exoplanets, but is Trappist-1 really as good as it sounds?


  • We Can Now Predict Weather On Alien Worlds

    Exactly how hot are hot Jupiters? Try about 3300 fahrenheit! Researchers are studying this and other crazy weather patterns on exoplanets!


  • These Terrifying Alien Worlds Actually Exist

    Astronomers are making amazing exoplanetary discoveries, and some are truly bizarre. DNews breaks down these scary, alien worlds, here.


  • Why You Should Be Really Excited That Juno is at Jupiter

    Juno is just another Jupiter mission, right? Wrong. So wrong.

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  • We're Not Saying The Kepler Discovery Is Aliens, But...

    The Internet is buzzing with the possible discovery of an alien structure around a faraway star. What do real scientists think?


  • Why Scientists Are So Excited About 'Jupiter 2.0'

    A Jupiter-like exoplanet 100 light-years away may shed light on how our own solar system formed.

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  • Why Does Mars Have Blue Sunsets?

    The Curiosity Mars rover sent back some stunning images of what sunsets are like on the red planet. Turns out they're blue, why is that?


  • Scientists May Have Found Earth's Twin!

    An exoplanet orbiting a star 500 light-years away from Earth might have many of the same properties of our home planet.

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  • 3 Weird Stories to Beat Awkward Silence

    Got a New Years party to go to a need a few interesting stories to share? Anthony and Laci team up to tell you a few of the weirdest stories of the year sure to spice up any lagging conversation.


  • A Purple Planet May Mean Alien Life

    With billions of stars in our galaxy alone, many with their own earth-like planets, how are we to know which ones might be habitable? Well, new research thinks we might just have the clue, and it all has to do with purple bacteria.