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  • How Did Early Civilizations Supply All Their Drinking Water?

    For many today obtaining clean drinking water can be as simple as grabbing a bottle from a refrigerator, but it wasn't always so easy!

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  • You Can't See It, But There's A LOT Of Stuff In Your Drinking Water

    There are various things in natural water that can be harmful for us to drink, from debris and bacteria. How and when did water become safe?

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  • Are We Really Running Out Of Drinking Water?

    With many regions around the world experiencing severe droughts, what will happen human and animal life when there's no more potable water?

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  • How Much Fluoride Should Be In Your Water?

    As with anything in chemistry and even life, everything in moderation. So what happen when there's too much fluoride in your drinking water?

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  • How Much Bacteria Is In Your Drinking Water?

    Water filtration systems are extremely effective, but they don't kill all bacteria -- and that's a very good thing


  • Epic Science: Cognitive Purification

    While we can filter urine hundreds or thousands of times, if we're told it came into contact with sewage or urine just once, then we refuse to drink it. Why? Robert explains.

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