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  • What It's Like to Free Dive in Antarctica

    Watch divers recount their experience of snorkeling at the edge of the Earth.

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  • What Are the World's Fastest Developing Cities?

    The 2008 recession slowed development for many cities, but some have since seen explosive growth. Which cities are developing the fastest?

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  • Where In The World Do People Live The Longest?

    There are a million tips to living a longer, healthier life, but maybe it's not how you live; it's where you live.


  • The Israel-Palestine Conflict Explained in Ten Minutes

    If you'd like to learn about the struggle between Israelis and Palestinians, this video is a great place to start

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  • What It's Like To Sleep Inside a Volcano

    Nothing like the sound of a lava lake to put you to sleep

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  • Learn Some Strange and Cool Geography Facts

    Who knew you could go on an 11-hour domestic flight?

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  • How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Globe?

    Just 40 thousand kilometers. No big deal.

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  • Are Borders Crimes Against Geography?

    Borders are constantly evolving, expanding, shrinking and getting tweaked. We will change borders for almost any reason under the sun!

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  • Why The Next Mass Extinction May Already Be Here

    There have been 5 mass extinctions on earth so far and many indicators show us that we may be in the throes of a 6th mass extinction now!

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  • Why Are Some Countries Rich, And Others Poor?

    Here are the 3 main reasons why some of the 194 countries on Earth are rich, and some are poor.

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