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  • How Gross Is Your Dirty Laundry?

    Scientists have found that our clothes and linens can harbor dangerous pathogens, but just how much of a health risk is dirty laundry?


  • Are We Really Running Out Of Drinking Water?

    With many regions around the world experiencing severe droughts, what will happen human and animal life when there's no more potable water?

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  • How Much Fluoride Should Be In Your Water?

    As with anything in chemistry and even life, everything in moderation. So what happen when there's too much fluoride in your drinking water?

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  • Why You're All Washing Your Hands Wrong

    Washing our hands helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. But are we doing it right?


  • How Your City Has Its Own Unique Microbiome

    Is it possible to tell what city you're from just by looking at your microbes? Researchers studying microbiomes say yes!


  • The Next Antibiotic May Come From Your Beard

    Scientists have just found microbes in beards that have antibiotic properties. How could this help protect us against superbugs?


  • Why You Really Shouldn't Go To Work When You're Sick

    Going to work sick is not only bad for you, but it also affects the people around you. How important is it for you to stay home?


  • What Happens When You Stop Showering?

    This is a judgment-free space, but here are some things to keep in mind if you go down that road.

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  • Where Are The Most Bacteria-Filled Places In Your Life?

    New research show that humans are not only covered in bacteria but are also surrounded by it!


  • Do Toilet Seat Covers Really Protect You?

    Toilet seat covers protect you from gross germs, right? Here's the truth.