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  • Is Heart Disease in Astronauts Proof we Didn't Go to the Moon?

    There's some correlation between flying in space and death by heart disease. But is it enough to say the Moon landings were fake?

    Vintage Space

  • The Life-Threatening Effects Of Football On The Body

    Football might seem like a fun sport to watch, but the players are doing some life-threatening damage to their bodies!

    Life Noggin

  • Is Aspirin Really That Good For You?

    Taking aspirin is recommended for a variety of medical conditions, but can aspirin really fix everything?


  • How Do Most Americans Die?

    People in wealthy developed nations like America die of preventable and chronic disease, but what are the most common causes of death?

    Seeker Daily

  • Why Body Mass Index Is Not a Good Way to Measure Fitness

    In the battle of the bulge, there are many misconceptions about BMI.

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  • How Long Should You Expect To Live?

    These days, you can expect to live a long and healthy life. What is today's life expectancy?


  • Does An Apple A Day REALLY Keep The Doctor Away?

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Is there any truth to this?


  • Why We Need A Reason To Live

    Do you have a purpose in life? If you don't, it might have a serious impact on your health!


  • Why Young Women Should Worry About Heart Attacks

    Heart attacks become more and more common as humans age, but can young people suffer from a heart attack? What are the symptoms?


  • Is Marijuana Smoke Healthier Than Tobacco Smoke?

    Marijuana doesn't contain tobacco, so the smoke is healthier than cigarettes, right? Crystal is here to discuss why smoke from weed is still bad for you.