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  • Does China Run Hollywood?

    With China's market for movies expanding at an insane rate, Hollywood now has a powerful new audience to consider.

    Seeker Daily

  • How Powerful Is Hollywood?

    Home to the biggest stars and filmmakers, Hollywood remains at the center of the film industry. So how did Hollywood become so successful?

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  • Who's The Guy Behind The Anonymous Mask?

    Guy Fawkes masks have been adopted by anti-government, anti-authority groups, but who is this Guy and are these groups honoring his legacy?

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  • How Racist Are Your Video Games?

    Pop culture as a whole seems to perpetuate many stereotypes and it seems that one of the main perpetrators is the video game industry.

    DNews Plus

  • The Science Behind Hollywood Explosions

    How do filmmakers create a big explosion? Theodore Kim explains how his software creates the smoke effects seen in many Hollywood films.


  • What Americans Get Wrong About Russia

    Hollywood has done a really great job stereotyping Russians. But do all Russians wear thick fur coats and drank straight vodka?

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  • How The Media Invented Designated Driving

    The concept of a Designated Driver didn't really exist in the United States until the late 1980's. It was Hollywood who convinced us into thinking designated drivers were a thing.

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  • How Powerful Is California?

    While we're waiting around for a giant earthquake to rip California from the US, we thought we'd take a look at what the US would lose without California. So, just how powerful is it?

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  • Where Nazis Hid After WWII

    As World War II came to a close, members of the Third Reich devised ways to escape Germany. A network of ratlines led Nazis out of Europe to a number of places in South America.

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  • Why Do Foreigners Join ISIS?

    Recently, three New York men were arrested by the FBI, suspected of trying to join ISIS. A day later, Jihadi John was revealed as a recruit from UK. So how many foreign fighters have joined ISIS and why?

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