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  • How Smart Is Your Body?

    There are so many things your body can do without you thinking about it. How smart is your body?

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  • What It's Like to Free Dive in Antarctica

    Watch divers recount their experience of snorkeling at the edge of the Earth.

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  • Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Certain Foods?

    Research from SUNY Albany indicates it may have to do with psychology and cultural factors, rather than a direct causal relationship.

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  • Certain Parts of Our Organs Grow at Bizarre Rates

    By observing ants, researchers are hoping to better understand the curious way organs develop.

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  • New Procedure Could Transform Kidney Donation

    It could fix the need to find a precise kidney donor match.

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  • Study Says Six Hours of Sleep Is as Bad as Zero Sleep

    Sleeping for six hours a night is simply inadequate, according to this research.

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  • Why a Lack of Sleep Makes Us Crave Snacks

    If you find yourself particularly hungry after a night of little sleep, you are not alone

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  • Watch Astronaut Scott Kelly Safely Return to Earth

    Kelly and two cosmonauts safely landed back on Earth earlier today in Kazakhstan

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  • This Device Allows Cancer Patients To Keep Their Hair

    One side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss, but what if there was a way to avoid it?


  • Thermal Imaging Camera Shows How Quickly We Lose Body Heat

    A friendly reminder that us (relatively) hairless apes are not meant for the brutal winter conditions

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