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  • How Your New Smartphone Funds Africa's Deadliest War

    The minerals used to power your smartphone are helping fund Africa's deadliest war. How is the world fighting this conflict-funded industry?

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  • You Can't See It, But There's A LOT Of Stuff In Your Drinking Water

    There are various things in natural water that can be harmful for us to drink, from debris and bacteria. How and when did water become safe?

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  • Are We Really Running Out Of Drinking Water?

    With many regions around the world experiencing severe droughts, what will happen human and animal life when there's no more potable water?

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  • How Much Fluoride Should Be In Your Water?

    As with anything in chemistry and even life, everything in moderation. So what happen when there's too much fluoride in your drinking water?

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  • Why Does NASA Collect Astronauts' Pee?

    Pee collection? A little weird but it's for a good reason

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  • Diamonds In Space?

    Scientists believe that Neptune and Uranus have solid cores surrounded by an icy mantle of water with diamonds floating in that water.

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  • What Makes Minerals So Precious?

    Minerals are naturally occurring, inorganic compounds with a unique chemical structure and physical properties. So what exactly is a gem?

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  • Should We Mine This Asteroid For Platinum?

    This week an asteroid passed by Earth worth an estimated 5 trillion dollars in platinum. Is it possible to mine precious metals in space?


  • Why Pope Francis Drank Tea From The Cocaine Plant

    While in Bolivia, Pope Francis requested to partake in coca, a plant native to the country. So why did the news shock so many?

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  • Why Are Some Countries Rich, And Others Poor?

    Here are the 3 main reasons why some of the 194 countries on Earth are rich, and some are poor.

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