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  • Who Will Lead The Western World In 2017?

    Major political shakeups and populist uprisings have shifted the seats of power in the western world. So who will lead in 2017?

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  • Is Turkey An Islamic or Secular Country?

    While Turkey's president has enacted religious policy, the country's constitution declares that it is secular. So how secular is Turkey?

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  • Why Do Armenia And Azerbaijan Hate Each Other?

    For decades, Azerbaijan and Armenia have had hostile relations over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. So how did the conflict start?

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  • What Is Abu Sayyaf and What Do They Want In The Philippines?

    After years of terrorizing the south of the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf has pledged allegiance to ISIS. So what is Abu Sayyaf?

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  • Is God Responsible For Our Hygiene?

    Many religions have verbiage in their scripture that relate to keeping the body clean and staying hygienic. Did religion help keep us clean?

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  • Why Burqas Are Illegal In Some Countries

    Face veils are often viewed as a symbol of modesty in Islam, but many governments have put restrictions on them. So where are burqas banned?

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  • What Are the World's Newest Countries?

    Some of the world's newest countries are less than three decades old. So what are the world's newest countries?

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  • How Powerful Is Indonesia?

    Within the past decade, Indonesia has become Southeast Asia's largest economy. So just how influential is Indonesia on the world stage?

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  • How Powerful Is Palestine?

    Palestine has been in an uphill battle since the 1940s. So, with its statehood status still in limbo, how powerful is Palestine?

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  • Islamic Republic vs Islamic State: What's The Difference?

    The Gambia declared itself as a type of Islamic state, but it's not to be confused with the Islamic State. So what is the difference?

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