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  • This Is What Nature Does To Your Body

    Scientists have found that just being around nature can benefit our health in major ways. What exactly does nature do to our bodies?


  • Sexual Non-Liberation

    We pride ourselves on living in a sexually liberated age. But we haven't begun to know how to face up to or discuss our true sexual natures.

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  • What It's Like to Free Dive in Antarctica

    Watch divers recount their experience of snorkeling at the edge of the Earth.

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  • Longterm Antibiotic Treatment Does Little to Help Cure Lyme Disease

    A new study suggests a long round of antibiotics is not much better than a placebo in relieving symptoms.

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  • Great Barrier Reef Threatened by Massive 'Bleaching'

    Warmer ocean waters are turning the vibrant colors of the renowned reef to bone white.

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  • How Many Trees Are There in the World?

    Estimating the total number is a challenge, but it's vital for scientists to better understand our planet.

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  • Watch Six Tiny Robots Move a 2-Ton Car

    It's the equivalent of six humans moving the Eiffel Tower.

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  • What Makes Something Not Funny?

    Are there things that shouldn't be joked about? Is there a certain time after tragedy one needs to wait to get the most laughs possible?

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  • What Makes Something Funny?

    For most things we find funny, we have to think it's both right and wrong at the same time. The Benign Violation Theory explores this idea.

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  • Why Robots Can't Be Funny...Yet

    Robots can create recipes, play games and even think for themselves to a certain extent but humor somehow evades them.

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