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  • What Anti-Vaxxers Can Tell Us About Confirmation Bias

    While you may disagree with anti-vaxxers, the issue shows a powerful truth about how we seek information we agree with.

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  • Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Certain Foods?

    Research from SUNY Albany indicates it may have to do with psychology and cultural factors, rather than a direct causal relationship.

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  • Stop Texting And Pay Attention To Your Baby

    Here's why staring at your phone could be impacting your child's development


  • What Happens If You're Born In Prison?

    What happens to babies born behind bars? Around the world, many are left in the care of their imprisoned mothers.

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  • Does Having Children Make You Happier?

    Everyone is trying to be happy in life. If you have children, will this lead to an overall higher level of happiness? Tara discusses.


  • The Science Of Stay-At-Home Dads!

    In honor of Father's Day, DNews thought it would be fun to take a look at some dad science!


  • Can Pregnancy Be Contagious?

    New research has found that having children at a young age can actually be contagious! Why are young adults more likely to have children if their friends have already had kids?


  • Are Two Parents Really Better Than One?

    Some people believe that children living in a home with only one parent are more likely to be unhappy.


  • Why Your Baby Doesn't Want You To Have Sex

    Parents of newborn babies are often woken up in the middle of the night by the infant crying. It's believed this is because they're hungry or they need to be changed, but new research claims that it might be because they don't want the mother to have another child!


  • Can Men Suffer From Postpartum Depression?

    Postpartum Depression is a type of depression that is experienced by new moms. It can last months, and even years! Can fathers experience this too?