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  • What Is Donald Trump's Healthcare Plan?

    Trump has vowed to repeal Obamacare, but what would his alternative be -- and would it work?

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  • Are Ingestible Cameras The Future Of Medicine?

    The future of personalized pharmaceuticals is here. What if you had a pill that would remind you to take it?


  • How Are New Medications Developed?

    Synthesizing pharmaceutical drugs is a long, complex process -- here's how it works


  • Is Aspirin Really That Good For You?

    Taking aspirin is recommended for a variety of medical conditions, but can aspirin really fix everything?


  • Why Don't Scientists Use Female Mice?

    Recent studies show that female mice are rarely used in lab experiments, but what implication does this have on the results of drug testing?


  • Why Heroin Abuse Is On The Rise In America

    According to a new report, heroin; one of the most dangerous and addictive illegal drugs, is now cheaper and easier to get a hold of in Pennsylvania than wine or beer.

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  • The 3D Printing Revolution is Here!

    Inkjet out - 3D in! The dawn of a new printer age is here, and it's bringing some major problems along with it. Trace breaks down why 3D printers are so amazing, and possibly dangerous.