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  • Do You Know If Your Memories Are Real?

    Smells and sounds might trigger your memories, but how do you know if they're real?

    Life Noggin

  • A Selfie On The Edge Of Space

    Is this the most epic selfie of all time?

    Editors' Picks

  • Are Your Vacation Photos Illegal?

    Your Yosemite or Joshua Tree selfies, may be breaking the law and it's all because of the 1964 Wilderness Act which was designed to protect public land.

    Seeker Daily

  • CINEMA: Painting in Time

    Cinema..."obeys the laws of the mind rather than those of the outer world." - Hugo Munsterberg

    Shots of Awe

  • The Golden Ratio vs. The Rule of Thirds

    When it comes to photography, there is a debate whether or not the Golden Ratio is better than the Rule of Thirds. Join Tara as she discusses the importance of these.


  • The Instagram Generation

    "The 'Instagram Generation' now experiences the present as an anticipated memory" -Professor Daniel Kahneman Psychologist and Nobel Prize winner

    Shots of Awe

  • How Photographs Affect Memory

    A recent study took a look at how photographs affect your memories. Trace sits down with Jason Silva from Brain Games and Shots Of Awe to discuss.


  • Did Aliens Create Saturn's Hexagon?

    A vast hexagon is located at Saturn's north pole, and for years, it has sparked a number of conspiracy theories! Was it created by aliens, or is there a more realistic answer to this mystery?


  • What Makes Online Shopping So Confusing?

    Online shopping has made purchasing goods and services incredibly easy, yet many people find that choosing items has become harder. Why is this?


  • We've Simulated The ENTIRE Universe!

    Recently, a giant supercomputer was able to create a virtual version of our entire universe! What could we gain by having this simulated world?