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  • Do You Know If Your Memories Are Real?

    Smells and sounds might trigger your memories, but how do you know if they're real?

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  • Meet The Man Who Built a 'Revenge Porn' Empire

    In one of the Internet's darkest corners, people post naked photos of their exes and it's nearly impossible to have them taken down

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  • How The Church Made Marriage Better

    For much of recorded history marriage was a way of making alliances, strengthening your network, and forge social or even political gain.

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  • Is Love At First Sight A Real Thing?

    When we love at first sight we are actually placing our own idea of the person's characteristics through stereotypical evaluations.

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  • How Important Is Physical Touch In A Relationship?

    According to research, all a couple needs to do is watch rom-coms and sappy movies together and talk about them to help their relationship.

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  • Can You Love Your Dog More Than Your Baby?

    If our basic purpose as humans is reproduction then how do other forms of love exist? Can we love our animals then as much as our offspring?

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  • Are Women Better At Getting Over Breakups?

    When women experience a breakup they experience a lot of emotional pain right away. But that goes away after time. Men's pain sticks around.

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  • Weird New Discoveries About NASA's Other Favorite Dwarf Planet

    Pluto seems to get all press, but there's another dwarf planet in our solar system that needs some love.


  • Ret. General Muhammadu Buhari Wins Nigerian Election

    Plus, marriage equality makes progress in Japan, global warming will damage oceans for thousands of years, and more stories that went around the office today

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  • It's 63 Degrees In Antarctica

    That and other stories that went around the office today

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