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  • Use Math To Fake ESP

    This classic math technique makes the perfect ESP trick

    Scam School

  • Read Minds Using Only Dollars

    You'll find out what secrets lie in their innocent drawings!

    Scam School

  • The Puzzle That's Even Harder After Seeing the Solution

    This is an all-time Scam School classic which lets you get away with showing the answer and still stumping the participant.

    Scam School

  • Lock Their Card Up Tight

    It's always under watchful eyes

    Scam School

  • Teleport a Card Anywhere!

    They won't even see you do it!

    Scam School

  • Predict Their Card With An Open Flame

    Is this really just a simple gag?

    Scam School

  • Will Your Matchstick Cage Save the Deadly Rattlesnakes?

    Two deadly simple matchstick puzzles to add to your arsenal.

    Scam School Remix

  • Using Timezones To Your Advantage

    Two unbeatable trivia questions!

    Scam School

  • The Premium Deck Card Control

    It's easy to make any card float to the top of a deck

    Scam School

  • Can You Rescue the Royal Family?

    With two buckets and a cannon ball, can you save the day?

    Scam School