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  • Neither Decapitation Nor Nukes Will Kill A Cockroach... At First.

    Cockroaches can survive decapitation, nuclear explosions and they save our forests. Yes, they're gross, but they're actually kinda cool!

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  • The Complicated Relationship Between Man And Cockroach

    Cockroaches are gross. They have been hated for centuries for being difficult, disease spreading pests, but maybe they're not all THAT bad.

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  • Robots vs Monsoons!

    The largest ever study of the Indian monsoon season will improve the lives of over a billion people.

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  • Do Spoilers Actually Ruin Stories?

    Next time someone is about to spoil your favorite show, don't plug your ears: research shows that spoilers actually make you enjoy stories.


  • Why Can't We Experiment On Embryonic Stem Cells?

    Human embryonic stem cell research is incredibly controversial, and the current law says we can only study them for 14 days. Why is this?


  • What Captain America Can Teach Us About Science

    This researcher shows us how both our favorite superheroes and real-world scientists create materials to save the world every day.


  • What Anti-Vaxxers Can Tell Us About Confirmation Bias

    While you may disagree with anti-vaxxers, the issue shows a powerful truth about how we seek information we agree with.

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  • Why Skim Milk May Not Be the Healthier Option

    Going for lower calorie count may have bad effects on a person's overall health.

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  • Longterm Antibiotic Treatment Does Little to Help Cure Lyme Disease

    A new study suggests a long round of antibiotics is not much better than a placebo in relieving symptoms.

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  • Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Certain Foods?

    Research from SUNY Albany indicates it may have to do with psychology and cultural factors, rather than a direct causal relationship.

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