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  • Is Heart Disease in Astronauts Proof we Didn't Go to the Moon?

    There's some correlation between flying in space and death by heart disease. But is it enough to say the Moon landings were fake?

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  • The Crazy Way Scientists Launch Rockets From Balloons

    One company, Zero2Infinity, is working on a method of launching rockets today using rockoons.


  • Yes, Apollo Flew Through the Van Allen Belts Going to the Moon

    No, the van Allen radiation belts weren't deal breakers for the Apollo astronauts. They really did go to the Moon.

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  • These Little Joes Helped Put Men into Space

    These little rockets had a big impact on NASA's first spaceflight program, launching the first boilerplate test vehicles.

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  • What Happens When You Break the Sound Barrier?

    There's no wall in the sky, but flying supersonically still means breaking a barrier.

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  • What Really Happens During Atmospheric Reentry?

    Reentry is a literal hot mess of physics, but we know how to get astronauts home safely!

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  • What's With the Weird Light Flashes on the Moon?

    Strange lights and colours on the Moon - transient lunar phenomena - baffled scientists in the 1960s. And are still a mystery!

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  • Would NASA Tell Us About Alien Contact?

    In 1960, NASA was advised to consider not telling us if it found alien life.

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  • Who Took the Famous Apollo 8 Earthrise Picture?

    It took some skilled visualisation to determine that Bill Anders actually took the famous shot.

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  • Vintage Space Visits the San Diego Air and Space Museum!

    Visiting San Diego? This museum has Moon rocks, an X-15 canopy, and Apollo 9!

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