• NASA's Plan To Use A Giant Magnet To Make Mars Habitable

    NASA thinks flying a giant magnet into space could help transform Mars into a habitable planet.


  • When A Satellite Goes Missing, What Can We Do?

    Of the many probes, orbiters, and surveyors we've sent into space, an uncomfortable number have been lost. How do we find them?


  • Is Heart Disease in Astronauts Proof we Didn't Go to the Moon?

    There's some correlation between flying in space and death by heart disease. But is it enough to say the Moon landings were fake?

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  • We Found New Planets. No, You Can't Live There

    Everyone is freaking out about the discovery of 7 new potentially-habitable exoplanets, but is Trappist-1 really as good as it sounds?


  • Yes, Apollo Flew Through the Van Allen Belts Going to the Moon

    No, the van Allen radiation belts weren't deal breakers for the Apollo astronauts. They really did go to the Moon.

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  • Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is Wrong

    What if I told you that a lot of what you learned in school and the movie Jurassic Park is incorrect? Let's debunk some dinosaur lies!

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  • These Little Joes Helped Put Men into Space

    These little rockets had a big impact on NASA's first spaceflight program, launching the first boilerplate test vehicles.

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  • This Powerful New Technology May Be The Only Way To Explore Venus

    Imagine building a robot that will land on Venus' hellish surface conditions...yikes.


  • How Should We Define Intelligent Life?

    We've been searching for intelligent life in the universe for decades, but have we been doing it all wrong?


  • What Happens When You Break the Sound Barrier?

    There's no wall in the sky, but flying supersonically still means breaking a barrier.

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