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  • What It's Like to Free Dive in Antarctica

    Watch divers recount their experience of snorkeling at the edge of the Earth.

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  • How Repeated Concussions Damage Your Brain Forever

    Repeated head trauma may lead to a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, but what is CTE, and what does it do to your brain?


  • The Sexist Sports Coverage Of Female Athletes

    Would a male athlete be asked to twirl or to always keep his hair perfectly coiffed?

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  • Why Recess Is So Good For Kids

    As kids are starting school at an earlier age and school days are becoming longer, why is recess necessary?


  • How Powerful Is Greece?

    Ancient Greece was one of the greatest civilization, yet today the country is plagued by many problems. So, just how powerful is Greece?

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  • Are Football Helmets Safe Enough?

    As we learn more about head injuries, some are starting to wonder if football players should have better head protection.

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  • Do High Fives Help Sports Teams Win?

    A UC Berkeley professor examined NBA games to see if there is a relationship between a team's success and how often they touch.


  • How Osama Bin Laden Was Obsessed With Porn And Football

    Osama bin Laden has become the iconic super villain of the 21st century. But there are probably a lot of things you didn't know about him.

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  • Robot vs. Human: Who's The Better Soccer Player?

    Robots can take over many jobs, but can they replace athletes?


  • How Racist Is Professional Tennis?

    Serena Williams is undeniably a champion, but her talent is often overshadowed by how she looks.

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