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  • What Really Happens To Your Body When You Drown?

    Your body is built to withstand extreme conditions, but what happens to your body when you begin to drown?

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  • What It's Like to Free Dive in Antarctica

    Watch divers recount their experience of snorkeling at the edge of the Earth.

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  • Are Elite Athletes Born Superior to You?

    Nature vs nurture seems to play a role in every aspect of our lives and that is true even for physical abilities associated with sports!

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  • Why Some People Are Paying To Drown Themselves

    Our friend Kyle Thiermann who is a professional surfer and YouTuber tells us what drowning really feels like.

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  • What Sport Burns the Most Calories?

    Running, golfing, and, why not, throwing darts are all forms of exercise. But what sport burns the most calories?

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  • Why Is This Nearly Naked Swimmer Taking On The Antarctic?

    How do you bring attention to the world's oceans, to what's happening to them, to the threats they face in the form of climate change and overfishing? These are questions that consumed Lewis Pugh.

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  • What Diseases Can You Catch While Swimming?

    When summer comes around, millions around the world go swimming in oceans and lakes. Is it safe?


  • Why Did Ecuador Pretend To Be Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is one of most touristed countries in the America's. Perhaps this is why Ecuador, in an incredibly elaborate ruse, decided to trick travelers into believing that Ecuador was Costa Rica.

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  • Adorable Dogs Show The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

    This specialized form of exercise has all kinds of benefits and here are some adorable dogs to show them (in slow motion!)

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  • Swimming vs. Running: Which Is The Best For You?

    There has always been a constant debate as to which is the best form of exercise, so it's time science finds the answer.