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  • What Is Abu Sayyaf and What Do They Want In The Philippines?

    After years of terrorizing the south of the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf has pledged allegiance to ISIS. So what is Abu Sayyaf?

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  • Why Osama Bin Laden Would've Hated ISIS

    US intelligence released Osama Bin Laden's letters, hoping to provide more insight into Bin Laden's mind. So what is in Bin Laden's letters?

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  • The Obama Administration Will Publish Data on Drone Program

    Officials say it is intended to bring transparency to what has been regarded as one of the most controversial aspects of anti-terror policy

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  • Why Do ISIS And al-Qaeda Hate Each Other?

    ISIS and al-Qaeda both use violence to achieve their goals. But both groups have turned against one another. So why do they hate each other?

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  • How Expensive Is The War On Terror?

    The 'war on terror' has lasted more than a decade and it has become a huge cost. So how much has the US spent fighting in the Middle East?

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  • How The Taliban Survived The War On Terror

    Almost 15 years after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban is making a resurgence. So, how did the extremist group survive?

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  • How ISIS Profits From Kidnapping

    Terrorist groups assert their power in terrifying ways from kidnappings to public executions. So, how do hostages benefit terrorists?

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  • Why Military Force Won't Work On ISIS

    The average terrorist group life span is about 8 years. But do they all eventually crumble into nothingness or do some join society?

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  • Should We Just Negotiate With Terrorists?

    The US not negotiating with terrorist groups stems back to the 1970s but have there been instances where the US has exchanged prisoners?

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  • Are You A Target For ISIS Recruitment?

    ISIS' numbers have grown unfathomably well since the terrorist group's inception. How are they able to recruit so well and who are targets?

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