• This Invisible Light Shows Us What Our Eyes Can't See

    Infrared light is all around us even though we cannot see it. Find out how this invisible radiation impacts our everyday lives.


  • The Trick That Fooled Brian Brushwood

    Polishing the perfect magic routine.

    Scam School

  • Everything Scientists Could Learn By Looking At Your Skull

    Scientists can tell a lot about someone just from analyzing their skull.


  • What Does It Sound Like On The Surface Of Venus?

    There is no sound on space, but there is on other planets. Find out what it may sound like to visit Venus.


  • Learn the Science of Evaporative Cooling and How Shirt Uses It to Keep You Cool

    Learn how a revolutionary shirt made by Westcomb uses a Polartec's Delta to keep you cool using your own sweat.

    In The Making

  • The Internet Of Everything

    "It's only the beginning for our ability to create virtual models in our heads" - Ray Kurzweil

    Shots of Awe

  • Combining the Science of Wool with The Engineering of Synthetics

    Learn about a hoody made of PowerWool, new hybrid material that keeps you warm, even when wet like wool, doesn't stink and is super durable.

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  • Giant Tesla Coil, Flame Throwers, and Staying Safe with FR Fabrics

    Learn about Jerry'r arm mounted flame thrower, giant tesla coil and how he stays safe.

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  • When a Redstone Missile was on Display in Grand Central Terminal

    To alleviate American fears in the early years of the cold war, the US Army stuck a Redstone rocket in Grand Central Terminal.

    Vintage Space

  • A Classic Logic Problem Turned on Its Head

    Two participants, they can either only lie or only tell the truth. One of them steals a note, how do you know which one did it?

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