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  • Why Do You Sleepwalk?

    Sleepwalking (somnambulism) is quite common but why do people do it? Is waking up a sleepwalking person bad for them? Let's find out!

    Life Noggin

  • Do Spoilers Actually Ruin Stories?

    Next time someone is about to spoil your favorite show, don't plug your ears: research shows that spoilers actually make you enjoy stories.


  • What's Behind The GOP Elephant and Democratic Donkey?

    With election season in full swing, donkeys and elephants dominate the media. But where did these political mascots come from?

    Seeker Daily

  • What Is A Secretary Of The Future and Do We Need One?

    Corporations hire experts to analyze trends and make predictions, so what if the government had its own secretary of the future?

    Seeker Daily

  • Which Countries Already Have Climate Change Refugees?

    Rising seas and violent storms are wreaking havoc on small island communities, so how are people coping with climate change displacement?

    Seeker Daily

  • How Powerful Is Chile?

    Latin American economies have reacted to the drop in global commodity prices, but Chile is a different story. So how powerful is Chile?

    Seeker Daily

  • What Would A World Without Mosquitoes Look Like?

    There are several plans to try and eradicate several species of mosquitoes from Earth but what would the repercussions of these plans be?

    DNews Plus

  • Who Is The 'Donald Trump Of The Philippines'?

    Outspoken and outlandish Philippine mayor Rodrigo Duterte just won the presidential election. So who is he and why is he so controversial?

    Seeker Daily

  • What's The Best and Safest Way To Fight Mosquitos?

    Now that we've learned how and why mosquitoes are so dangerous, what are some of the best and safest methods of defending ourselves?

    DNews Plus

  • Does Someone Actually Own GPS?

    Global positioning is an important navigation tool for civilians and the military, but who actually operates GPS?

    Seeker Daily