What Anti-Vaxxers Can Tell Us About Confirmation Bias

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What Anti-Vaxxers Can Tell Us About Confirmation Bias

by Jono Simrin

While you may disagree with anti-vaxxers, the issue shows a powerful truth about how we seek information we agree with.

In recent years, the debate around vaccinations has become a major point of contention in public health. Both sides appear divided, with so-called "anti-vaxxers" believing vaccines carry a host of risks and potential links to autism. Vaccination proponents, on the other hand, reject those opinions entirely and say these people are putting their whole community at risk for spreading serious diseases.

As explained in the video above, this type of social issue reveals a great deal about "confirmation bias." The term refers to the way we seek out information that is in line with our beliefs -- and disregarding information that goes against it.

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