What Is Donald Trump's Healthcare Plan?

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What Is Donald Trump's Healthcare Plan?

by Jono Simrin

Trump has vowed to repeal Obamacare, but what would his alternative be -- and would it work?

Like most Republicans, Donald Trump wants to overhaul President Obama's Affordable Care Act entirely. As argued in this video from The Atlantic, though, his proposed substitution could be disastrous.

First, Trump would impose block grants to Medicaid, which could significantly lower the amount of financial assistance people receive for healthcare. Also, Trump has advocated for allowing people to purchase health insurance across state lines. While such free market competition may sound appealing, it overlooks the fact that many states have regulations that would make that process very complex -- if not impossible. Finally, Trump has promised people could buy cheaper prescription drugs, allowing the government to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies directly.

Overall, there's a lot of unknowns in Trump's healthcare proposals, but such policies could mean millions of people lose healthcare coverage overnight. As the race continues to unfold, Trump may provide more specifics on how he would address these very real consequences.

You can read Trump's full healthcare policy proposal here.

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