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  • How The Measles Vaccine Protects You From Other Deadly Diseases

    When the measles vaccine was first introduced, childhood deaths from all infectious diseases dropped suddenly. And now, we might know why.


  • This Technology Saved Your Life!

    We use technology every single day, but how much of that has saved our life? What technology is keeping us safe?

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  • Will Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Kill Us All?

    Antibiotics can save millions of lives, but they have also lead to the rise of superbugs! Can these drug-resistant bugs be stopped?

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  • What Anti-Vaxxers Can Tell Us About Confirmation Bias

    While you may disagree with anti-vaxxers, the issue shows a powerful truth about how we seek information we agree with.

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  • Zika Vaccine Currently 'Years Away'

    The World Health Organization says a viable vaccine may only come after this current outbreak.

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  • The Future of Vaccines Part 2

    This week we take a look at some of the diseases researchers are targeting for the next generation of vaccines

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  • The Future of Vaccines Part 1

    This week we focus on vaccine delivery and efforts to increase accessibility to people around the world.

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  • The Devastating Zika Virus Explained

    The mosquito-borne virus is spreading through 24 regions around the world. What do we know about this strange illness?


  • Why Do So Many People Have Herpes?

    Some estimates say nearly 90% of adults have one of two strains of herpes. With this number's increase, why is there still no cure?


  • Why Do We Need A New Flu Shot Every Year?

    Doctors recommend getting a yearly flu shot to protect you from the influenza virus, but scientists may be close to finding a universal one.